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Transforming Cancer Care with Thyme Care’s Robin Shah

Have you ever wondered how technology and compassion can come together to transform cancer care? Today’s episode features Robin Shah, the Co-Founder & CEO of Thyme Care, a company that collaborates across the cancer care community to improve access, experience, and outcomes, all while lowering the total cost of care. Hosted by Alex Merwin, Head of Growth for Healthcare & Life Science Startups at AWS, this episode dives into Thyme Care’s unique approach to oncology, incubated during the pandemic, and how they are scaling impact by attracting top talent.

  • Background & Inspiration [01:05]: Robin Shah shares his 15-year oncology journey and the strong family influence that shaped his career. His experience with Flatiron and One Oncology set the stage for Thyme Care’s mission to transform cancer care. Also, learn how the pandemic offered Thyme Care’s founders a unique opportunity to refine its approach.
  • Hybrid Plus [08:02]: Learn how Thyme Care established its business in the middle of the pandemic, transitioning from a remote-first to hybrid plus working model. Robin shares some of the experiments they tried, and the benefits they’ve realized from being able to recruit great talent from across the country.
  • Member Experience [11:10]: Thyme Care’s patient-centric approach streamlines the diagnosis and treatment experience in oncology. Learn how they measure success, both from a patient outcome and health economics perspective. We also discuss Thyme Care’s business model, which focuses on payors, avoiding placing financial burden on patients and providers.
  • GTM Strategy [21:04]: Learn how Thyme Care developed its go to market strategy, working backwards from the member experience and mapping out where value could be delivered. We also discuss how Thyme Care segments payors into five distinct personas to better segment its commercial activities.
  • Hiring and Developing the Best [25:36]: Robin shares insights into how Thyme Care’s hiring strategy has evolved, starting with their first 10 hires and ending with a view of their recruiting strategy as Thyme Care scales. “If we find the right person, we find a way to get them into this company, no matter what”.
  • Future Ambition [29:27]: Robin discusses Thyme Care’s goals to distribute its solution to as many patients and markets as possible and continuing to sharpen the economic case for payors. We close by learning what is so special about the people who work at Thyme Care: an incredibly passionate and brilliant group of people dedicated to transforming cancer care.

These studies were mentioned in the episode:

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