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The Future of Value-Based Oncology Care: An Interview With Thyme Care

I’m very interested lately in value-based specialty care in arenas where it makes sense, and one of the more interesting spots I’m watching is in oncology with CMMI’s Enhanced Oncology Model (’EOM’) that kicked off over the summer.

I was lucky enough to interview some members of the Thyme Care team earlier this year in what was meant to be a deeper dive on the space (and ultimately didn’t come to fruition).

Still, I wanted to share Thyme Care’s Dr. Bobby Green and Scott Voigt’s thoughts on the future of value-based oncology care – since they were gracious enough to spend some time answering my questions and provided some really interesting background on the past, present, and future for Oncology care, an area of high spend within healthcare.

Keep Thyme Care on your radar. Since this conversation, Thyme Care went on to partner with the American Oncology Network to foster its clinics’ participation in the EOM. Thyme then raised $60M in a late August Series B fundraise co-led by Town Hall Ventures and Foresite Capital.

Let’s dive in!

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