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Thyme Care Creates Thyme Care Oncology Partners, with 400+ Oncologists


Thyme Care has established Thyme Care Oncology Partners, a dedicated platform for oncology practices. 

More than 400 oncologists across 25 states have joined the platform. 

Thyme Care aims to partner with TCOP practices to design and implement value-based care programs for patients covered by participating risk-bearing entities and government-sponsored programs. Thyme Care’s services aim to enable oncologists to focus on proactive, patient-centric care, without added administrative or financial overhead.

Expensive therapies, delayed treatment, and unnecessary hospitalizations underscore the need for patient navigation and value-promoting interventions to reduce the rising costs of cancer care. Initiatives like CMS’ Enhancing Oncology Model and its 2024 decision to reimburse practices for patient navigation services signal a paradigm shift towards value-based cancer care. 

But, while patient navigation programs hold promise as a means of reducing low-value healthcare spend, they have traditionally been costly and burdensome for practices to implement, scale, and accurately measure.

In service of Thyme Care’s partnerships with health plans and other risk-bearing entities, the company offers its patient-centered care resources within oncology practices, including navigation services, operational and actuarial support, and the incentive to provide value-based activities not typically reimbursed in fee-for-service arrangements. 


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