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Navigating the Uncomfortable Path of Value-Based Care

In aggregate, value based care has yet to produce the consistent, positive results that we seek. But VBC’s slow start is actually a reflection of the difficulty of transitioning away from our entrenched healthcare compensation system.

According to critics, a decade of value-based care (VBC) efforts have proven an abject failure, improving neither cost nor quality of healthcare. Over 50 VBC program implementations have collectively lost billions of dollars as compared to traditional fee-for-service (FFS) benchmarks, they say, and can boast little to no clear improvement in quality outcomes. In short, “there just isn’t any real value to be had in value based care.”

As a proponent of VBC, I’ve spent a lot of time learning from value based care experts on both the payer and provider side. And I can say that the critics are indeed right—from a certain perspective.

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