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Oncology Onward: A Conversation With Thyme Care CEO and Cofounder Robin Shah

On our fourth episode of Oncology Onward, Emeline Aviki, MD, MBA, and Stephen Schleicher, MD, MBA, sit down for a conversation with Robin Shah, MBA, cofounder and CEO of Thyme Care, which he started in 2020 with Bobby Green, MD, president and chief medical officer.


A biomedical engineer by education, Shah spent the first 5 years of his professional career as practice administrator and business manager at Gettysburg Cancer Center, working with his father, a community oncologist. From there, he moved to Flatiron Health and in July of 2017, helped to found OneOncology. Thyme Care was founded in July of 2020, and in August of this year announced a successful $60 million Series B round of investment capital.


Also an angel investor, this entrepreneur in oncology care innovation has been guided by a patient-first mentality and the principal goal of positively changing how patients experience the cancer care system.

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