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Providers are Key to Success of Value-Based Specialty Programs | AHIP 2024

Working with providers to align goals and objectives will lead to better and more successful programs to help manage complex and costly medical conditions, said panelists at the annual AHIP meeting in Las Vegas.

Successful value-based specialty programs begin with partnering with providers, agreed panelists at a session at the annual AHIP meeting in Las Vegas.

For patients, value-based specialty care helps to fill in the gaps in the care journey, Bobby Green, M.D., co-founder, president and chief medical officer at Thyme Care, said during the session. Thyme Care is a company in Nashville that provides technology for care navigation in the oncology space.

“Think of navigation as this broad umbrella to include things such as proactively reaching out to patient's electronic patient record and making sure that patients should be getting the care,” he said.

“Cancer is this big, hairy problem with lots of expenses. I think traditionally, there was some reluctance to, to address that but costs keep going up. The newer drugs have complexity to the model.”


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