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Thyme Care Launches Palliative Telehealth Service for Cancer Patients


The oncology-focused value-based enabler Thyme Care has launched a virtual palliative care program, branded as Enhanced Supportive Care.

The program is designed to help cancer patients and their caregivers manage physical and psychosocial symptoms at home, according to Dr. Julia Frydman, formerly of Mt. Sinai Health System, who will lead the new service.

“There’s a lot that happens [for cancer patients] in between oncology, chemotherapy and immunotherapy visits. Patients need additional support; they need additional prescriptions. New symptoms come up, new side effects,” Frydman told Palliative Care News. “I am excited to join Thyme Care because it is a value-based cancer care company that is focused on not only helping oncologists take care of patients well, but also everything that happens in between those visits, through a virtual navigation model.”

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