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Organizational Changes to Enhance Partner Success and Continuity

Thyme Care expands Dr. Brad Diephuis’ responsibilities to Chief Operations Officer and President

2024 is off to a great start. We’ve had an incredibly productive few months, driven by exciting new senior hires, expanded service offerings, and significant growth opportunities within our payer and provider partnerships. Most importantly, we expect to double the number of cancer patients (and their families and caregivers) we support with dedicated access to comprehensive care and navigation.

With all of our momentum, it's crucial to ensure that our organizational structure evolves in tandem with our dynamic growth trajectory. With the objective of streamlining our internal operations to continue to deliver the most value to our partners, we have decided to move our operations department under the leadership of Dr. Brad Diephuis, who will now hold the dual role of president and chief operations officer. He will continue to oversee the growth, finance, and health economics departments. 

As a practicing primary care physician, former CMS policymaker, and healthcare entrepreneur, Brad’s business acumen, industry context, and clinical background have been invaluable. Moreover, his increasing collaboration with the operations organization has enhanced our ability to align priorities and initiatives across Thyme Care more effectively. 

Under Brad’s leadership, we aim to expedite decision-making processes, promote cross-functional collaboration, and offer a more cohesive and integrated experience for our partners. 

Dr. Bobby Green will continue as co-founder, president and chief medical officer, leading the company's clinical, product, engineering, and data science teams. With over two decades of experience as a practicing medical oncologist, Bobby leverages his clinical expertise to inform data and product decisions. His unique and multifaceted perspective is crucial as we develop the first provider-centric value-based cancer care model. I’ll continue to oversee our provider growth and customer success, people, and legal teams.

As Thyme Care has evolved, having an oncologist, Bobby, and a primary care physician, Brad, leading the company alongside me underscores our mission to deliver a unified and collaborative cancer care experience. This strategic realignment validates our commitment to fostering collaboration and cohesion within our company, ultimately enhancing our ability to anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of our members and partners.

We’re excited about the future and the impact we will continue to have on the cancer community. 

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