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Case Study: AON's Partnership with Thyme Care

American Oncology Network (AON) is an alliance of physicians and healthcare leaders representing 220+ providers practicing across 20 states. It equips its network physicians with the tools they need to thrive in value-based care arrangements, enabling them to focus on patient care. Through its partnership with Thyme Care, a leading value-based cancer care enabler, AON practices receive access to 24/7 virtual patient navigation and robust operational and analytical support for their patients participating in the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM), a CMS-led value-based care arrangement, improving care outcomes while reducing costs. 


Thyme Care provides AON’s 3,200+ EOM-eligible patients with a dedicated Care Team to help them navigate barriers to care, while partnering with AON providers to identify and operationalize high-impact opportunities to appropriately reduce drug spend and lower financial toxicity for patients. Thyme Care’s robust analytics capabilities and operational support unlock enhanced practice transformation and data-driven decision-making, enabling success in value-based care.  


To learn more about how AON's partnership with Thyme Care reduces costs, enhances the patient experience, and furthers the delivery of true value-based care, download the full case study.


Download this free case study


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